Course Measuring

For more information about our GPS Mapping service or any of our golf course products, see our Services page or call us at 1-800-310-0041.

GPS Mapping

Use our GPS Mapping services, including survey-grade GPS, laser robotic survey systems and state-of-the-art software to create highly accurate 3D topographic models of your golf course.

We Offer the Following GPS Mapping Services:

Feature As-Builts

  • Include the exact square footage, linear footage and acreage of every feature on your golf course.
  • Used for marketing brochures, course layout maps, golf scorecard printing and golf yardage books.
  • Help reduce operating costs through more efficient ordering of materials.

Irrigation As-Builts

  • Used for central control irrigation systems.
  • Include accurate, up-to-date mapping of all utilities, including above-ground systems. Add water or electrical lines from printed maps or electronic files.
  • Can be incorporated into base maps for cart-mounted GPS tracking systems.
  • Record exact location of irrigation heads, pipes, valves and electrical control lines – invaluable when repairing, digging, adding or troubleshooting.
  • Add yardage markers to irrigation tags.


  • Utilize robotic laser mapping, which is more accurate than most GPS surveying systems.
  • Accurate to within 1 centimeter for the entire golf course.
  • Highly accurate 3D representation of greens.

Yardage Services

  • Complete line of yardage and tagging services.
  • Adheres to USGA measuring standards for front, middle, and back of the green.

Aerial Photography

  • Supply aerial photos for all of your imaging needs.
  • Specializing in digital film, ortho-rectified (corrected) photography and stereoscopic imaging.
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