Introducing Dendron™ Signage & Markers


Dendron™ Signage & Markers are manufactured using a combination of extreme heat and pressure to fuse a protective layer over stunning fade resistant graphics. This unique process eliminates the possibility for delaminating layers, which are commonly associated with other over-laminate adhesive-backed processes that utilize vinyl or lamination. The result is a finished product that provides years of high quality graphics with little or no maintenance in even the harshest outdoor environments. What's more, Dendron™ is manufactured from recycled content and utilizes water based pigmented inks meaning it is Eco-Friendly.

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Dendron™ Features

  • 10-Year Non-Prorated Warranty
  • Recycled Content Core
  • Subsurface Graphics For Easy Cleaning
  • Fade, Scratch & Graffiti Resistant
  • Impervious To Moisture
  • Allows For Geometric Or Free-Form Shapes
  • Thermally Stable
Dendron-Tee-MarkerDendron Directional Sign
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